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SUMP Registry now online

The project SUMPs-Up has launched an online SUMP Registry that allows cities to learn from previous SUMPs when developing their own.

The CIVITAS SUMP Registry brings together up-to-date SUMPs from across Europe and beyond, cities spanning all sizes, and in many languages. To find the plan most relevant to your needs, you can search by country, population, and language. Discover plans from your region, look at the approaches from cities of a similar size, or find documents in the language(s) you are writing your SUMP in.


It is particularly useful for cities and local authorities at the development stage of the SUMP cycle, although it still contains many vital lessons for those at the measure selection, implementation, or evaluation stage. Look through the list and be inspired by the form that SUMPs can take, and consider the transformative effect one could have on your town or city.


See the Registry here:


Experienced cities that already have a SUMP can upload their plans. It only takes a few minutes and enables them to showcase their SUMP to a Europe-wide audience of planning authorities, sustainable mobility practitioners, and policy makers.

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