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Good practice & take-up

Good practice development


"Good practice" case studies are a valuable tool to develop new policies more effectively and to learn from the successes and failures of others. In particular, information about measured impacts of a project, lessons learned, problems encountered - and smart solutions deployed - are extremely useful knowledge for practitioners.


Although many successful practices to counter common challenges are known, the take-up of such experiences in a new context is not trivial. However, when properly done, it can help to achieve significant savings and increase quality greatly.


Rupprecht Consult is experienced in researching and promoting case studies. Since the initiation of ELTIS, the major European Union portal on urban transport, where we contributed a major part of the initial good practice case studies, we have actively contributed to increase the pool of sustainable development expertise through virtually all our projects.


In NICHES and NICHES+ we developed innovative urban transport concepts and promoted their take-up in champion cities. In TIDE, we are aiming to broaden such take-up and to contribute to mainstreaming innovative urban transport and mobility concepts throughout Europe.


Other examples include PRESTO (cycling), AENEAS (demographic change), CABRI-Volga (river basin management), CAPE (telematics applications targeted at Central European stakeholders), VOYAGER (public passenger transport), ATLANTIC (traveller and traffic information services) and TOSCA (car sharing).

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