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Scientific evaluation and assessment

Evaluation means to investigate a specific project or programme in order to find out whether, why and with what effort goals have (or have not) been met: which tangible outputs and longer term outcomes has a project (an entire programme) produced for its target group; which barriers were overcome by the project stakeholders (and which remain); what has been learned by the project team; how can failures be avoided next time? In our view, proper evaluation is the basis for sound decision making.


Rupprecht Consult has considerable experience in socio-economic project evaluation and served as the independent evaluation manager of projects, in particular in the Information Society Technologies Programme (IST) of the European Union. We co-ordinated evaluation activities in several large projects in this programme, including CENTURi21, INTERACT, TOSCA and HEAVEN.


We carried out the mid-term evaluation of the INTERREG IIIB North-West Europe Programme and identified the barriers and drivers for successful trans-frontier cooperation (Change on Borders Project). Our responsibilities also included the evaluation of MILES - a project co-funded under the EU's Asia Pro Eco Programme to manage spatial information for the local urban environment in Sri Lanka. The results of our evaluation of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) in Europe assisted the European Commission to review their ICZM Recommendation and to submit an evaluation report to the European Parliament and Council for further Community action. More recently, we have been responsible for the evaluation of vulnerability assessment strategies (MOVE) and for the long-term evaluation of the European Union's major urban mobility programme CiViTAS (CATALIST).


We base our evaluation activities on a co-operative approach. Evaluation co-ordination activities typically include support in the development of indicators and evaluation tools, survey formulation and design, data analysis and interpretation as well as the preparation of detailed evaluation plans and project-concluding independent evaluation reports. Qualitative methods help us in process evaluation.

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