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Capacity building and training

Durable change can only be achieved by systematically building up professional capacities of those who need to develop local innovation strategies, especially by training mid-career and young practitioners. Our projects generate an amazing wealth of knowledge and we try to capture as much as possible through capacity building and training activities.


Examples include:

  • development of a train-the-trainers programme on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and coordination of its roll-out in cooperation with organisations mostly in the New Member States (SUMP)
  • specific project on developing and testing a training programme for drivers of clean buses and trams (ACTUATE)
  • e-learning course on implementing cycling measures (PRESTO) and modules on accessible transport (NICHES+)
  • training programme (TRUMP) to build capacities of mid-career professionals in sustainable transport
  • capacity building of urban managers and technicians in environmental management information system (EMIS) in cities world-wide for the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT)
  • training of practitioners and community stakeholders in Sri Lanka in environmental information management and spatial analysis (MILES)
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