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In the following, please find a list of our current (and recently concluded) projects. More projects can be found here.

05/2017 - 04/2021


SUNRISE will address mobility challenges at the neighbourhood level in six cities.
05/2017 – 04/2020


CoEXist:“Automation-ready” transport models and road infrastructure for the coexistence of automated and conventional vehicles.
02/2017 - 10/2018

Urban nodes in transnational transport

Study for the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR)
02/2017 – 12/2017

Strategic mobility concept for Bielefeld

Support in and moderation of the process of formulating the policy objectives, fundamentals and guiding principles for advancing mobility in Bielefeld
01/2017 - 12/2020


Future Research, Advanced Development and Implementation Activities for Road Transport
11/2016 – 12/2016

KfW Study

KfW Study on ICT in Transport
09/2016 - 03/2020


SUMPs-Up is the European Programme for accelerating the take up of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.
07/2016 - 12/2020


CIVITAS SATELLITE (Support Action Towards Evaluation, Learning Local Innovation, Transfer & Excellence) coordinates and supports the efforts of the current and upcoming CIVITAS 2020 projects.
09/11/2015 – 20/10/2016

Urban Nodes

Study on improving the efficiency of the transport system in urban nodes of the TEN-T core network
06/2015 - 05/2018


Electrification of public transport in cities
05/2015 – 04/2018


Furthering less congestion by creating opportunities for more walking and cycling
05/2015 - 04/2018


European Bus System of the Future 2
12/2012 - 11/2016


CIVITAS-DYN@MO is an ambitious project with strategic importance to sustainable mobility planning in four dynamic European cities. Aachen (DE), Gdynia (PL), Koprivnica (HR) and Palma (ES) will jointly develop "Mobility 2.0" systems and services, implement city and citizen-friendly, electric mobility solutions and vehicles, and engage in a dynamic citizen dialogue for mobility planning and service improvement.
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