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Urban Nodes

Study on improving the efficiency of the transport system in urban nodes of the TEN-T core network

This study should help to further develop the urban dimension of the trans-European transport network (TEN-T programme). The TEN-T policy has for many years been an initiative to develop key European infrastructure and services from the overall European network perspective. The new TEN-T policy initiated through the 2013 TEN-T regulation, and facilitated by the Connecting Europe Facility, needs to further develop its ‚urban nodes‘ element, including issues such as:

  • connecting infrastructure development better with sustainable policy development needs;
  • integrating the concept of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and specific urban policies (e.g. freight) with the specific TEN-T perspective of the nodal function and the perspec-tive of cities as the ‚last urban mile‘;
  • providing factual evidence of how local policies meeting local needs can be designed to con-tribute also significantly to the EU and national level goals of increased TEN-T efficiency.

Project Goal

The overall goal of the study is to identify cost-effective measures to improve the efficiency of the transport system in urban nodes of the TEN-T core network in order to draft recommendations on how to improve and replicate those identified measures within most of the 89 European urban nodes.

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This study will support urban nodes to identify effective policies and measures to fulfil their nodal function in the TEN-T, as well as creating awareness among national and EU decision makers for the complexity and impacts of urban decision making and of the opportunities of a policy-driven, multi-stakeholder process for the effective development of the TEN-T. The recommendations will answer the question of how to further improve the identified cost-effective measures in the four core nodes and how to replicate those to other nodes.

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Role of Rupprecht Consult

Project technical coordination, quality control

Project Duration

09/11/2015 – 20/10/2016

Project Coordinator

  • Rupprecht Consult GmbH (technical coordination)
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory S.p.A. (Italy) (coordinator of the framework contract)


Project Partners

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