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SUMPs-Up is the European Programme for accelerating the take up of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.

An experienced consortium of public and private organisations, including four major city networks and seven frontrunner cities, skilled in coordinating major European SUMP Projects, aim to accelerate the take-up of SUMPs, where this is currently low, ensuring that SUMP is the primary mobility planning concept in Europe.


The project combines comprehensive SUMP research, tailored capacity-building, strong mechanisms for validating SUMP methods and practices, as well as constant SUMP monitoring and evaluation. SUMPs-Up will review, strengthen and integrate existing SUMP resources, designing a support system to assist cities to develop high quality SUMPs. A SUMP Tool Inventory will help mobility planners make better informed decisions about which planning tools to apply in their local context. This will be enriched with experiences from the city partners who will be testing innovative solutions in SUMP preparation and implementation. In addition, a €1 million Innovation Pilot Pool will enable SUMPS-Up to identify and validate the most effective concepts, approaches and methodologies in SUMP practice.

Project Goal

The leading objective for SUMPs-Up is to enable mobility planning authorities across Europe to embrace SUMP as the European-wide strategic planning approach, especially in countries where the take-up is low and the negative effects of transport are severe. To meet this goal, SUMPs-Up provides a comprehensive programme for accelerating the take-up of SUMPs that will:

  • analyse and verify specific take-up needs for SUMPs in European local authorities;
  • identify the most effective tools for SUMP development and actively support their take-up in several types of cities
  • assist cities in designing and packaging SUMP policies and measures to achieve their identified goals
  • foster knowledge-transfer and peer-to-peer exchange on SUMP development and implementation
  • maximise the number of high-quality SUMPs in Europe;
  • support national governments and multipliers in developing facilitating structures for SUMP
  • highlight SUMP benefits by evaluating its impacts, and optimise SUMP support activities by assessing the impacts of the project, its tools and guidance;
  • actively publicise the SUMP approach and tools, showcase the learning experience of SUMPs-Up cities
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Role of Rupprecht Consult

In SUMPs-Up, Rupprecht Consult has the following main roles:

  • supporting project coordination (e.g. management, quality control, risk management)
  • leading the work package on identifying and assessing the most effective tools and methods to support and enhance the SUMP planning process, including
    • creating a comprehensive SUMP Tools Inventory
    • authoring guidance for different types of cities on tool options
    • coordinating and advising partner cities in process-related pilot schemes
    • updating the SUMP Guidelines with new content sections and local case examples
    • further developing the SUMP Self-Assessment Tool (developed by Rupprecht Consult in 2015, available on the Mobility Academy)
    • supporting cities in SUMP realisation, e.g. by means of SUMP action plans
    • managing, together with city network Polis, the SUMPs-Up Innovation Pilot Pool to identify and validate the most effective concepts, approaches and methodologies in SUMP practice
    • leading the project’s peer-to-peer exchange activities (Urban Learning Alliances) with interactive online learning & exchange on RC’s Mobility Academy, complemented by face-to-face training events; supporting city network UBC in setting up a capacity development programme for individual mobility practitioners


In addition, Rupprecht Consult is majorly involved in identifying the needs of take-up cities; supporting cities in SUMP realisation, e.g. by means of SUMP action plans; fostering dialogue on SUMP within and between the EU’s Member States; and supporting city-level SUMP monitoring and impact evaluation.

Project Duration

09/2016 - 03/2020

Project Coordinator

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability GmbH

Project Partners

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