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The overall mission of this project was to support the uptake of innovative sustainable urban mobility solutions in Europe and other regions in the world, in particular in Asia, Latin America and the Mediterranean.

SOLUTIONS aimed to bridge the “implementation gap” between the potential of innovative sustainable mobility and transport solutions and packages of solutions and the actual level of up-take and quality of the deployment mechanisms.

Project Goal

SOLUTIONS - Sharing Opportunities for Low Carbon Urban TransporTION

SOLUTIONS' overall objective was to make a substantial contribution to the uptake of innovative sustainable mobility solutions in cities across the world by:

  • Facilitating dialogue and creating networking opportunities, and sharing experience on topics of common interest
  • Promoting European transport policy and urban transport solutions offered by European industry around the world
  • Providing guidance and tailored advice to city officials through several regional analyses and specific implementation examples
  • Fostering future cooperation on research and development
  • Promoting innovative platforms for knowledge exchange between European cities and cities across the world.


SOLUTIONS addressed a variety of regions, i.e. the Mediterranean, Asia (in particular China and Singapore) and Latin America. SOLUTIONS brought together some of the leading experts and city networks from these regions, aiming to foster knowledge exchange and boost the uptake of innovative sustainable urban mobility solutions through the further exploitation of existing knowledge, focusing primarily on policy and the assessment of implementation processes.


Building upon previous experience in Europe, China, Singapore and Latin America, as well as the experience gained during the various phases of this project, the SOLUTIONS transferability guidelines aimed to bring about detailed steps towards the uptake of innovative sustainable urban mobility solutions and technologies in Europe and beyond.


The cities selected for the various phases of this project represented a range of comparable urban environments in the target regions. The focus was less on mega-cities and more on second-tier cities, aiming in that way to achieve a high level of transferability.


The regions addressed in this project presented different levels of maturity in terms of experience with sustainable urban mobility related actions. This was addressed by adopting different approaches to these regions.


SOLUTIONS focused on testing the transferability of innovative sustainable mobility solutions around six thematic clusters

  1. Public transport
  2. Transport infrastructures
  3. City logistics
  4. Integrated planning/Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans
  5. Network and Mobility management
  6. Clean vehicles
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SOLUTIONS aimed at the following results:

  • Develop and implement the take-up of innovative and green urban transport solutions (e.g. network management, clean vehicles, public transport, transport infrastructure, city logistics), which are adapted to the specific framework conditions of cities across the world. Beyond a structured take up of innovative solutions, the action will develop recommendations for future cooperation between European cities and cities across the world and in particular from Latin American Countries, China and Singapore.
  • Share experiences of topics of common interest and propose innovative and green urban transport solutions (e.g. in the area of public transport, transport infrastructure, city logistics), which are adapted to the specific framework conditions of cities from Mediterranean partner countries. The action will develop recommendations for future research cooperation.
  • The proposal should take into account the results of previous and on-going EU research activities on international cooperation and other projects, which have developed results at European level of great interest for international cooperation. Appropriate links with the related bilateral research cooperation frameworks should be established.
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Role of Rupprecht Consult

Rupprecht Consult supported the SOLUTIONS coordinator as scientific and technical manager, (work package 6) and led the horizontal cluster on sustainable urban mobility planning (SUMP).

Project Duration

05/2013 - 10/2016

Project Coordinator

Wuppertal Institute for Climate Environment and Energy

Project Partners


Cluster 1: Public transport

1.1 BRT systems | 1.2 Trolleybus systems | 1.3 Metro systems1.5 Electric and hybrid public transport |  1.6 Intelligent Transport Systems1.7 Integrated public transport network planning |  1.9 Integrated fare systems1.11 Bus priority measures | 1.12 Bicycle sharing and public bicycles |  1.13 Tram systems

Cluster 2: Transport infrastructure

2.1 Dedicated bus lanes | 2.2 Intermodal interchanges | 2.3 Pedestrian infrastructure | 2.4 Improving non-motorised transport | 2.5 Innovative, safe cycling infrastructure | 2.8 Pedestrianising city centres and streets

Cluster 3: City logistics

3.1 Urban deliveries with cargo-cycles | 3.2 Low Emission Zones | 3.3 Forums, portals, certification schemes3.4 Pick-up points | 3.5 Vehicle and operation restrictions | 3.6 Urban consolidation centres3.7 Delivery Service Plans3.8 Rail and waterways for freight deliveries3.10 Pricing, taxes and subsidies

Cluster 4: Integrated planning/Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

4.1 Stakeholder participation | 4.2 Institutional cooperation | 4.3 Selecting measures | 4.4 Monitoring and evaluation

Cluster 5: Network and mobility management

5.1. Parking management | 5.2 Access restrictions | 5.3 Traffic management | 5.4 Multimodal journey planners | 5.5 Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems | 5.6 Car-sharing

Cluster 6: Clean vehicles

6.1 Registration management and number plate auctions | 6.2 Managing electric two-wheelers | 6.3 Fuel economy standards | 6.4 Electric taxis | 6.5 LPG/CNG taxis | 6.7 Electric vehicles in municipal fleets | 6.9 Promoting electric vehicles | 6.10 Infrastructure for clean vehicles

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