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Promoting cycling for everyone as a daily transport mode

STEER programme (Energy aspects of transport)

Project Goal

Cycling is the most energy efficient urban transport mode. Moreover, it is non-polluting, healthy, fast, flexible and very cost efficient! It has a high potential to reduce energy-consumption and to enhance the liveability of European cities. In some European countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands or parts of Germany and Belgium, cycling is already a significant, well-acknowledged and serious transport mode. But even in these countries, and above all in most other parts of Europe, cycling still has a huge potential that has yet to be activated.


PRESTO helped to remove common barriers to unlock this potential, by building competence in cycling policies to develop and foster a real cycling culture in European cities.

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PRESTO aimed to improve energy efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions and air pollutions by increasing the modal share of cycling. It aimed also at increasing traffic safety for cyclists through better infrastructure and training and at improving public health by promoting physical activity. The project transferred the best European know-how focusing on three thematic pillars and three types of cycling cities (so-called starter, climber and champion cycling cities) to foster cycling.


The five participating cities with varying levels of cycling mode share – Bremen (Germany), Grenoble (France), Tczew (Poland), Venice (Italy) and Zagreb (Croatia) – provided an ideal testing arena to address the undeveloped potentials of cycling and to finally deduce specific lessons learnt and general recommendations from their activities. PRESTO activities in these cities focused on improved infrastructure planning and targeted promotion to encourage the use of bicycles (including pedelecs, i.e. electrically assisted bicycles).


Sharing knowledge and adding momentum were the project’s major concerns. Its on-site training sessions with European experts, e-learning courses, and numerous guidelines developed by the consortium’s cycling experts have become a useful knowledge pool for many cities, even outside Europe. These tools are available on the project’s website.

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Role of Rupprecht Consult

Rupprecht Consult was coordinator of the project.

Project Duration

05/2009 – 01/2012

Project Coordinator

Rupprecht Consult - Forschung & Beratung GmbH

Project Partners

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PRESTO downloads

PRESTO produced a large number of publications, the Promotional Project Leaflet, a Promotional Leaflet on Training Material, a Lessons Learnt Brochure, 4 Policy Guides and 25 Fact Sheets, all of which can be downloaded here in English and various other languages.

  • DE - German
  • EN - English
  • FR - French
  • HR - Croatian
  • HU - Hungarian
  • IT - Italian
  • PL - Polish
  • RU - Russian
  • UK - Ukrainian


Promotional Project Leaflet  (an overview)

(DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL)


Promotional Leaflet on Training Material

(DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL)


Lessons learnt brochure

Main publication of the project, compendium of the major results.

(DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL)


Policy Guides


General Framework (EN) (FR) (HR) (HU) (IT) (UK)

Infrastructure (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (RU) (UK)

Pedelecs (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL)

Promotion (EN) (FR) (HR) (HU) (IT) (PL)


Infrastructure Fact Sheets

  1. Cycle Lanes (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL) (RU) (UK) 
  2. Cycle Tracks (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL) (RU) (UK)
  3. Cycle Streets (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL) (RU)
  4. Traffic Calming and Cycling (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL) (RU)
  5. Contra-flow Cycling (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL) (RU)
  6. Bicycles and Buses (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL) (RU)
  7. Cyclists and Pedestrians (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL) (RU)
  8. Traffic-light Intersections (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL) (RU)
  9. Roundabout Intersections (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL) (RU)
  10. Right-of-Way Intersections (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL) (RU)
  11. Grade Separation (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL) (RU)
  12. Bicycle Parking and Storage Solutions (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL) (RU)
  13. Bicycle Parking in Residential Areas (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL) (RU)
  14. Bicycle Parking in the City Centre (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL) (RU)
  15. Cycling Facilities at Interchanges (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL) (UK) (RU)


Promotion Fact Sheets

  1. Broad Promotional Campaigns (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (HU) (IT) (PL) (RU)
  2. Safe Cycling Campaigns (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL)
  3. Targeted Campaigns (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (HU) (IT) (PL)
  4. Bicycle Barometers (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL) (RU)
  5. Bicycle Maps (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL) (RU) (UK)
  6. Bike Events and Festivals (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL)
  7. Cycling Information Centres (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL)
  8. Targeted Adult Training Programmes (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL)
  9. Bike Testing Events (DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT) (PL)


Pedelec Fact Sheet

(DE) (EN) (FR) (HR) (IT)

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