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Strategic mobility concept for Bielefeld

Support in and moderation of the process of formulating the policy objectives, fundamentals and guiding principles for advancing mobility in Bielefeld

Project Goal

The city council of Bielefeld has decided to develop a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. In a first step, the policy objectives, fundamentals and guiding principles for advancing mobility in Bielefeld will be developed to establish a long-term strategy for the future development of the mobility infrastructure.

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  • Sound situation analysis, including an analysis of strengths and weaknesses of mobility planning in Bielefeld, interviews and stakeholder surveys
  • Structured consultation process with two workshops and a "future workshop", which will engage all groups and associations relevant to transport policy
  • Development of guiding principles, which includes aims, model projects and implementation strategies


The following main results are expected to result from the process:

  • An established project and participation structure for the next steps in developing an SUMP
  • Highly accepted and implementable mobility guidelines, including the principal aims of the SUMP, model projects and implementation strategy, which the SUMP working group recommends to the city council for adoption
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Role of Rupprecht Consult

  • Support in developing a project and participation structure for elaborating an SUMP
  • Devising as well as defining the principal aims of the SUMP and coordination in the task force
  • Preparation, moderation and support for the follow-up of the communicaton process between the actors
  • Processing of the results and definition of the mobility guidelines, which will be recommended by the SUMP working group to the politians for adoption
  • Support in developing a strategy for the realisation of the aims and guidelines
  • Development of a format for the future cooperation of all relevant actors
  • Support in the creation of project information material for the media and multipliers (in German and English)
  • Preparation of project presentations (in German and English) for speeches as well as support in presenting the above-mentioned process at two meetings of the City Mobil Net project and two international conferences.

Project Duration

02/2017 – 12/2017

Project Coordinator

Rupprecht Consult GmbH

Project Partners

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