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Electrification of public transport in cities

The ELIPTIC project addresses the topic of transforming the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles in urban areas and aims at analysing the potentials for upgrading and/or regenerating electric public transport systems (i.e. trolleybus, tram, light rail and metro) while ensuring the safe integration of electric vehicles into infrastructure, in line with the trend towards electromobility.

Project Goal

The main objectives of ELIPTIC are:

  • Safe integration of ebuses into existing electric PT infrastructure:
    • (re)charging ebuses “en route” (e.g. trolleybus operated on tram infrastructure) or on the spot (battery buses/ hybrids charged from trolleybus, tram, metro network);
    • upgrading trolleybus networks with battery buses or trolley hybrids (diesel bus substitution);
  • Upgrading and/or regenerating electric public transport systems (flywheel, reversible substations)
    • analyse smart energy management concepts for (existing) electric public transport networks
  • Multi-purpose use of electric public transport infrastructure: safe (re)charging of non-public transport vehicles (pedelecs, electric cars/ taxis, utility trucks)
    • analyse the potential of existing electric public transport infrastructure to become a backbone for smart electromobility
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The ELIPTIC partner cities of Bremen (DE), London (UK), Brussels (BE), Barcelona (ES), Warsaw (PL), Leipzig (DE), Oberhausen (DE), Gdynia (PL), Eberswalde (DE), Szeged (HU) and Lanciano (IT) will work on fulfilling the project goals.

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Role of Rupprecht Consult

Project Management and Europe-wide Transferability Support

Project Duration

06/2015 - 05/2018

Project Coordinator

City of Bremen

Project Partners

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