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European Bus System of the Future 2

Project Goal

EBSF_2 aims to test and evaluate innovative solutions for urban and suburban bus systems through demonstrations in real service. The ultimate Goals are to improve the efficiency of operations mainly in terms of costs and energy consumption as well as the image of the bus for the users. To achieve the project’s mission, the EBSF_2 demonstrations address several topics:

  • strategies and solutions to improve energy and thermal management of buses, especially by improving the effi ciency of the auxiliaries and sub-systems on-board
  • innovative concepts and technologies for green driving assistance systems, adapted to specific conditions of the public transport context as well as to different vehicles technologies (diesel, hybrid, and electric)
  • feasibility of innovative Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) solutions
  • new bus layout concepts for optimised interface between vehicle and platform (accessibility, comfort, passengers fl ow, dwell time) as well as design opportunities offered by electric vehicles
  • fully interoperable IT solutions based on European standards integrated in the bus fl eet’s normal operations
  • first implementation of a modular bus that will show new ways for the adaptation of the vehicle capacity to the actual demand
  • new systems for an intelligent garage as well as improved algorithms and processes for predictive maintenance
  • new configurations of the interface between the vehicle and urban infrastructure (in particular bus stops and terminals), harmonised vehicle layout and bus-stop design
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Guidelines and tools will be derived from the experience gained during the tests of the EBSF_2 technological solutions to facilitate their introduction beyond the specific project tests, namely:

  • guidelines for including energy efficiency in procurement material
  • guidelines for ergonomic design of driver assistance systems interface
  • guidelines for the use of adaptable buses
  • the electric Bus Passengers Simulation Tool (eBPST)
  • design and decision-making methodologies for public transport infrastructure design
  • the Design Charter for new electric buses

Together with the update of the Innovative Bus System Roadmap, developed in 2011 in the EBSF project, the guidelines form a part of the innovation management process of EBSF_2.

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Role of Rupprecht Consult

  • Transferability of EBSF2 solutions to other cities
  • Development of knowledge and learning platform for eco-driving assistance systems

Project Duration

05/2015 - 04/2018

Project Coordinator


Project Partners

Twitter: @ebsf_2project

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