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CIVITAS SATELLITE (Support Action Towards Evaluation, Learning Local Innovation, Transfer & Excellence) coordinates and supports the efforts of the current and upcoming CIVITAS 2020 projects.

SATELLITE facilitates cooperation among all stakeholders involved in CIVITAS Innovation Action (IA) and Research and Innovation Action (RIA) projects, recruits new stakeholders such as businesses, and seeks out, collects, analyses and disseminates information so that cities can lower barriers and hesitations to implement the effective, innovative solutions identified by the CIVITAS community.

Project Goal

SATELLITE functions as an anchor for the entire CIVITAS network. Its strategic goals are to:

  • facilitate the cooperation between current and upcoming CIVITAS 2020 projects (Work package 1: CIVITAS 2020 coordination)
  • further elaborate the CIVITAS Process and Impact Evaluation Framework and formulate comprehensive cross-project conclusions on the effectiveness of measures based on evaluation results (Work package 2: Evaluation)
  • support the information-sharing and capacity building work of CIVITAS projects to maximise their impact (Work package 3: Capacity building)
  • strengthen knowledge exchange among the CIVITAS 2020 projects and beyond, and ensure that tools and methodologies developed in past, ongoing and future CIVITAS projects are taken up by other cities/regions (Work package 4: Transfer, take-up and exploitation)
  • increase the visibility of CIVITAS activities in and beyond Europe and to disseminate widely the results of the CIVITAS 2020 projects, using a mix of proven and innovative communication tools in order to maximise the impact of the CIVITAS Initiative (Work package 5: Communication and dissemination)
  • enhance networking activities among CIVITAS Forum member cities, including strong links to the CIVINETs, and encourage capitalisation of activities in a lasting way (Work package 6: Structured networking)


The figure below illustrates SATELLITE’s main outputs and key tasks, and how the respective outputs, tasks and corresponding work packages interrelate with each other.


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CIVITAS SATELLITE will actively contribute to achieving the goals of the CIVITAS work programme by:

  • promoting the take-up of innovation by European cities
  • strengthening the mechanisms for policy-making, planning, and technical capacity building in participating cities
  • producing  added-value inputs to the European knowledge base on the effectiveness and impacts of innovative solutions


CIVITAS 2020 seeks to drive innovative policies and technologies needed for the transformation towards cleaner, resource-efficient and competitive urban mobility and transport following a user-oriented approach. SATELLITE will contribute to these goals by coordinating the work of the IA (and to a lesser extent the RIA) projects and processing results into conclusions on effectiveness. The activities will form a European knowledge base on the effectiveness and impacts of solutions, especially those contributing significantly to the EC’s Urban Mobility Package goals by (1) improving the efficiency of urban transport, (2) mitigating the negative effects of transport effectively, and (3) contributing to CO2-free city logistics in major urban centres and phasing out conventionally-fuelled cars in cities by 2050.

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Role of Rupprecht Consult

In SATELLITE, Rupprecht Consult has several roles and is:

  • the Project Manager, responsible for project management and progress reporting, quality control and risk management
  • leading work package 3 capacity building within which Rupprecht Consult is

- coordinating the training and learning activities of the CIVITAS 2020 Projects

- supporting the e-learning activities of the CIVITAS 2020 Projects

- further developing the e-learning platform on sustainable urban mobility on the CIVITAS 
Website (the CIVITAS Learning Centre)

- developing SATELLITE online courses and webinars

  • leading the development of an online marketplace on tools and methodologies from CIVITAS and other stakeholders (with work package 4 Transfer, take-up and exploitation)
  • advancing exchange between CIVITAS and international experts (with work package 4 Transfer, take-up and exploitation)

Project Duration

07/2016 - 12/2020

Project Coordinator

Polis – Promotion of Operational Links with Integrated Services

Project Partners

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