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Addressing key challenges of sustainable urban mobility planning

Achieving sustainable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly transport systems is one of the European key aims. Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) are an instrument that contributes to reaching the climate and energy targets set by EU leaders and is promoted by the European Commission in relevant documents such as the Transport White Paper and Urban Action Plan. Cities frequently face major barriers while creating their own Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.
The CH4LLENGE project (2013-2016) addressed the four most pressing challenges in SUMP development and implementation and develop innovative and transferable solutions in the areas of:

  • Stakeholder participation and citizen involvement
  • Institutional cooperation between sectors and disciplines
  • Identification of the most effective policy measures
  • Monitoring and evaluation of progress in SUMP development


In twelve ambitious pilot schemes, CH4LLENGE Partner Cities Amiens, Brno, Budapest, Dresden, Ghent, Krakow, Timisoara, West Yorkshire and Zagreb successfully tested solutions to overcoming these challenges. In order to promote the SUMP concept and facilitate its take-up across Europe, CH4LLENGE’s SUMP expert team advised 26 Follower Cities on kicking-off SUMP development and progressing in existing SUMP activities. In addition, CH4LLENGE offered training on sustainable urban mobility planning to more than 700 mobility practitioners and young professionals. Based on the lessons learned from the pilot schemes, Follower Cities and training activities, CH4LLENGE developed a wide range of new SUMP knowledge resources.

Project Goal

CH4LLENGE’s objectives were to

  • Support cities across Europe to start sustainable urban mobility planning
  • Take champion cities to the next level
  • Learn more about the SUMP process and its major barriers
  • Identify areas for an effective and efficient planning process
  • Test new approaches in SUMP development to engage stakeholders and citizens, create partnerships across departments and municipalities, select city specific policies and measures and measure packages and carry out an efficient monitoring and evaluation process
  • Develop capacity building material for mainstreaming sustainable urban mobility planning
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CH4LLENGE partner cities carried out twelve pilot projects in order to test promising SUMP process innovations in their environment. Activities ranged from implementing participation strategies to establishing institutional partnerships and setting up monitoring and evaluation schemes. Pilots consisted of 51 local SUMP activities, involved more than 175 institutional actors and established active dialogues with more than 15.400 citizens and 290 local and regional stakeholders.
CH4LLENGE carried out substantial groundwork in examining the state-of-the-art of sustainable urban mobility planning, i.e. the four challenges and local planning practices. The project captured its findings in various new SUMP resources. This includes, for example: four CH4LLENGE Kits, each consisting of a comprehensive manual, a quick-facts brochure and an e-learning course; and a SUMP Glossary providing explanation of more than 120 SUMP specialist terms.
New tools were developed in CH4LLENGE assisting planning authorities in SUMP development: a SUMP Self-Assessment Tool to compare planning practices with European SUMP requirements; an integrated learning environment with five SUMP e-courses, the online version of the SUMP Guidelines, the Self-Assessment and Glossary; the enhanced KonSULT Policy Guidebook and Measure Option Generator as a tool for measure selection; and a template for creating Monitoring and Evaluation Plans.
A total of 26 Follower Cities committed to improving sustainable urban mobility planning took part in CH4LLENGE’s learning and experience exchange activities. CH4LLENGE SUMP experts provided support to Follower Cities to enable them to work towards their own SUMPs. SUMP roadmaps were developed for each city in order to kick off SUMP development or progress in existing SUMP activities.
In order to strengthen SUMP capacities in planning authorities, four in-depth workshops were held for more than 170 transport planners from Partner and Follower Cities; about 250 transport professionals were trained in five SUMP National Seminars; more than 200 young professionals were trained in five CH4LLENGE Universities; about 150 participants took part in CH4LLENGE’s online learning; finally, European dialogue on SUMP was established in cooperation with the SUMP Co-ordinating Group.

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Role of Rupprecht Consult

Rupprecht Consult was the coordinator of CH4LLENGE and responsible for the consortium management, administrative and financial management, project communication and process evaluation as well as quality control of the project’s deliverables, outputs and all products thatwere produced. Besides project management, Rupprecht Consult wasalso a SUMP knowledge expert in the project and supported the partner cities in analysing their urban mobility and transport planning situation in the context of the four challenges of SUMP. The company also assists the cities in developing their SUMP challenge strategies and had an advisory role in the CH4LLENGE pilot schemes. In addition, Rupprecht Consult was the main knowledge partner for the 'particpation' challenged and authored the SUMP Manual "Participation - Actively involving citizens and stakeholders in SUMP development".

Project Duration

03/2013 - 03/2016

Project Coordinator

Rupprecht Consult GmbH

Project Partners

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